Yoga Certifications programs in Netherlands

2013 Hatha Yoga training for yoga teachers (100 hours, Utrecht, Registered Yoga Alliance school)

2014 Kids yoga Teacher Training (200 hours, Almere)

2014 – 2015 Vinyasa Teacher Training (300 hours, Amsterdam, Registered Yoga Alliance school)

2018 Yin Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours, Amsterdam, Registered Yoga Alliance school)

About yoga

Yoga for me is, first of all, a different view on life. Yoga provides an opportunity to instantly learn through situations that occur in life. Yoga methods help to deeper see the essence of what is happening, understand their motives and aspirations, as well as  the experiences of other people.

I believe that, when practicing yoga, a person learns:

  • Continuous care for yourself and your health
  • Living life with pleasure through seeking their desires and following their path
  • Harmonious development in society, professional growth
  • Improving relationships with others
  • Ability to express oneself in the world and look for more subtle interrelationships in what is happening
  • Critical analysis of one’s world outlook, and formation of individual position

I teach yoga as a multi-faceted ancient tradition that includes knowledge of philosophy, psychology, medicine, physiology and on the basis of this knowledge offers practical methods for developing the body, thinking, consciousness.

Yoga is a system of methods of research, cognition and development of oneself!

Higher education

2000-2006 Master of computer science (Engineer-manager, analyst, researcher of computer systems)

2004-2007 Master of psychology

2006-2007 Postgraduate studies in the specialty “Pedagogy and Psychology”

2018 now MA student UvA

Additional professional education

2004 – 2005 Positive psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine and transcultural family therapy (seminar-training, 230 hours)

2005 – 2006 School of Practical Psychology (training – supervision, 60 hours)

2006 – 2007 Business coaching (training, 200 hours)

2007 – 2007 Symbol-drama: the main stage (seminar – training, 64 hours)

2004 – 2007 Various trainings on systemic family therapy, gestalt psychology, NLP, holotropic breathing, etc.