Urban Yoga School

Scientific, modern, multifaceted Yoga

Urban Yoga School offers a comprehensive yoga practice in cooperation with the International yoga school.

The training program is designed for several years of study.

The methodology assumes a continuous deepening of knowledge and advancing of yoga practice in a closed group.

Urban Yoga School gives seminars, lectures, trainings and retreats.

Yoga is not fitness!

Yoga is the care of one’s physical and psychological health.

Yoga is a set of methods for personal development.

Yoga Teacher Yulia Klitna

Yoga develops

  • flexibility of body and mind
  • strength and endurance
  • concentration
  • emotions control
  • awareness in the perception of what is happening
  • understanding yourself and your desires!

You can experience how yoga works only by having started practicing it.

At the beginning of deep yoga training there are introductory classes!

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Yoga practice

  • Hatha yoga (dynamic and static asana complexes)
  • Meditation techniques
  • Natural forms of behavior
  • Detox procedures
  • Yoga therapy
  • Mindfulness techniques

Yoga study

  • Chakral system
  • Principles of energy exchange between people
  • Interaction between emotional and physical conditions
  • Esoterics of communication
  • Principles of natural behavior
  • History of yoga
  • Psychology and philosophy of yoga
Yoga group in India
International yoga school
Yoga group in India