The list of books by A.G. Safronov published in English

A.G. Safronov “Yoga: Physiology, Psychosomatics, Bioenergetics”

This book is based on 19 years of yoga practice and 14 years of teaching yoga and healing. It contains over 300 pictures of asanas how to come into them and how to go out, energy flows and possible mistakes while practicing hatha.

Structurally the book is divided into several levels so that it can be useful to all readers with different experience in yoga from beginners to experienced practitioners.

In this book you will learn how to arrange your own yoga complex in consideration of your health. You will learn about inward criteria of asanas proper performance and the way you can get practical results from your meditation.

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A.G. Safronov “Psycho-practices in Mystical Traditions: From the Antiquity to the Present”

The book represents a complex retrospective study of psychological practices phenomenon: their targets, methods, philosophical groundings, evolution and interaction with other forms ofspiritual life. It gives the first ever explanation of differences between religious, occult and esoteric psychopractices.

Psychological practices are shown as an integral cultural phenomenon inherent in mankind at every stage of its evolution. Particular consideration is drawn to psychological practices employed in our days.

The work contemplates such issues as the role of altered state ofconsciousness in culture and religion, the role of religion in sociotype formation and maintenance, cultural value of esoteric psychological practices. Here the philosophic and religious origins ofmodern psychotherapy are revealed, as well as religious processes that take course in it.

The book can be of interest to both theorists culture, religion studies and psychologyexperts, and corresponding sphere practicians, as well as all those interested in esotericism and non-traditional psychology.

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